Intende progetto Sinapsi Lecce
“Intende” is an adaptive, multichannel, omnichannel chatbot project with self-learning logic.
  • Adaptive because it adapts to user according to some personal data as age, gender, area of origin, and according to preferences and habits.
  • Multichannel as it is possible to use the service simultaneously from several channels. “Intende” can be used via social network, Telegram, Whatsapp, app, website, even audio mode.
  • Omnichannel because a request sent through a channel can be resumed and completed trough another.
  • Self-learning allows to get to know the user and gradually improve its logic to answer the user’squestions in a more precise way. It also helps users to make the best choices.

"Intende" is able to adapt to the specific habits and needs of users and anticipate or suggest actions.  It can display tutorials, suggest products or services and add them to the shopping cart if requested by the user, it can note that a request for assistance needs to be scaled up to the next level due to the nature of the request or because it fails to interact with the user effectively, it can show the instant quote of a stock on the stock exchange and the volumes traded, provide the interest rate of a mortgage or investment, compare products or services based on the user's needs.

"Intende", in fact, recognizes users and has memory of all interactions made previously. On the basis of the user's purchasing habits and preferences and by processing previous interactions, "Intende" is able to surprise the user with questions or tailored proposals; it asks his level of satisfaction regarding the suggestions and actions he has recommended; it can ask for feedback about the purchase of stocks he has suggested, calculate the return on the investment made and ask the user if the return achieved meets the initial objectives.

Being a multichannel and omnichannel system, "Intende" can keep track of the history of interactions, per channel and per user, and is able to understand users' preferences to be more precise in providing assistance. The user can ask "Intends" to perform actions such as sending communications via email, messaging, etc.. and the software will be able to memorize which action the user prefers depending on the communication channel used (e.g. on mobile the user prefers to receive info and assistance via whatsapp, on desktop he prefers to receive email) and will use it by default for the next actions. 

"Intende" can be executed in mixed human/robot mode, through which the software suggests pre-filled answers to the operator, allowing him to use his skills to integrate and improve the automatic response, managing to be, at the same time, more accurate and precise.

"Intends" includes a control panel that, in addition to managing the entire system, allows operators to analyze interactions with users, the answers provided and to use statistics.