A startup leveraging
digital transformation

Sinapsi is a startup leveraging digital transformation, an innovative process that focus primarly on users, who take part in an effective and conscious way to the change, starting from the idea to the final product or service.

Sinapsi's research activities have a fundamental mission: to simplify, through new solutions, the life of companies and people.

The start-up is focused on the future, putting the customer at the center of every activity, conscious of being able to improve constantly, through a continuous search for new solutions. 

Sinapsi offers consulting services, design and implementation of information systems, portals and websites, e-commerce sites, apps, process automation, MES, Industrial IOT.

Furthermore, the company provides consulting, training, study, analysis and research, data processing and support to organizational-business processes, marketing and communication activities, public relations.

Sinapsi is always looking for new solutions and implements highly innovative projects.